DSC01735 optDr Tony McRae is General Manager of PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd. Tony trained in rural science and animal genetics at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia.  He has 25 years experience in managing commercial breeding programs for sugarcane (as a senior breeder with the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, Queensland, Australia in the 1990s) and in plantation forestry since 1998 (as principal geneticist before becoming general manager of the STBA group in 2001). 

Dr McRae encourages tree breeders, geneticists and researchers of different organisations to work collectively on a national basis to achieve common goals.

greg 2009 optDr Greg Dutkowski is a Quantitative Geneticist with PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd. Greg has extensive experience in data analysis and breeding value prediction for plantation species grown in Australia (radiata pine, blue gum, shining gum and southern pines) and others internationally. 

He is also responsible for software and manual development to support users in specialised analytical and decision support tools, teaching and training in quantitative genetics and software systems, and gives STBA breeding programs strategic and technical support. 

Richard optDr Richard Kerr is a Quantitative Geneticist with PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd. Richard specialises in product development and was a principal researcher for several R&D projects that have underpinned the development of the SEEDPLAN tool set and the TREEPLAN genetic evaluation system. 

Richard also assists his colleagues in manual development, teaching and training in quantitative genetics.  Richard also has extensive experience in the analysis and application of molecular data for use in operational breeding programs.

Petercloseup optPeter Cunningham is the Business Manager with PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd. Peter had a 20 year banking career in Australia as a commercial lender before joining the STBA group in 1998. He has a commerce degree and manages the financial and business functions of the group.