About PlantPlan Genetics

Established in Australia in 2004, PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd (PPG) evolved out of need to provide genetic evaluation software for national programs and strategic and technical support to its clients running operational tree and plant breeding programs.

PPG has assisted in the development of an integrated suite of software tools to meet the needs of operational breeding programs. We provide technical, strategic and analytical support for the national tree breeding programs in Australia. These programs are run by the Southern Tree Breeding Association Inc (STBA). PPG also provides software and advice to add value to other breeding programs, locally and internationally, including European clients for their tree improvement programs.

STBA has been running tree improvement programs since 1983 as a not for profit co-operative. Major public and private tree breeding programs within Australia dating back to the 1950's have been consolidated into the STBA programs to improve efficiency and provide cost effective outcomes. As the size of the STBA programs and data demand increased, innovative software was developed to house the data and integrate its routine use in genetic evaluation.

A web-based data management system (DATAPLAN®) houses all the pedigree, performance and trial information associated with each breeding program. Inbuilt security ensures that proprietary information is protected. Clients can access and process their data across the internet with comfort that the systems and backups are being seamlessly maintained in the background. The collaboration with PPG enables breeder's to consider options and alternatives to improve gain in their programs and optimise analytical outcomes. 

The data is integrated with an industrial genetic evaluation system (TREEPLAN®) to predict genetic worth. TREEPLAN uses a BLUP solver (best linear unbiased prediction) and its industrial strength allows it to efficiently and routinely analysis data from a large scale data set. Once the data is captured, it remains available for future analyses, enhancing the accuracy of breeding value prediction and gain.

The framework and integration of the software (TREEPLAN and DATAPLAN) allows breeder's to routinely progress beyond any genetic evaluation bottlenecks and focus resources on breeding and deployment decisions. This has been the experience of the STBA over the past 10 years, with breeder's able to routinely analyse the national database to produce breeding values as new information is gathered in the field.        

Recently, PPG has developed SEEDPLAN®, with the support of the Australian forest industry. SEEDPLAN offers a suite of software tools aimed at the deployment end of the breeding program. The software is integrated with DATAPLAN and allows users to make optimal decisions when: planning and establishing seed orchards; determining mate allocations for a crossing program whilst managing constraints such as inbreeding; modelling the economic value of a production system so that genetic worth can be estimated in economic terms; and allocating a genetic and economic worth to a seed lot.  

Every breeding program has unique characteristics and resources available.  PPG offers a combination of leading edge software and technical skills tailored to add value to existing programs and resources. The software available (DATAPLAN, TREEPLAN & SEEDPLAN) does not provide a turn-key solution, and requires an initial level of support to ensure new users are able to maximise value. The system provides a foundation for clients to routinely capture and store data in a structured format for genetic evaluation and then run new genetic evaluations on the fly as new data is collected. 

PPG will tailor its services to meet the needs of each individual client.